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Camila Cabello goes viral after wardrobe malfunction on The One Show


Camila Cabello accidentally slipped on The One Show, and she responded in the most positive way. It happens to everyone, right?

We believe in freedom and being able to wear what we want when we want. It's not uncommon for nip slips to happen. Camila Cabello recently appeared on The One Show, along with Jermaine Jenas and Alex Jones.

When she was promoting her new single "Bam Bam", and answering questions from fans about it, the 25-year old asked what her favorite dance move is from the music video.

Camila showed it off by letting her shirt hang loosely. Before the singer laughed, Camila said, "I hope that you didn't see any nipple."

Alex Jones replied, "there was a flashing of something", and later told viewers, "Sorry again for Camila’s wardrobe malfunction - God bless her!" It happens to everyone, doesn't?

Camila responded with a hilarious TikTok. On screen, the singer said, "When my stylist asked me if I wanted to nip covers, I said no", before muttering, "I wish that I had a machine for time."

We stan a self-aware queen!

Camila Cabello is currently in promotion for her album Familia which will be released on April 11th.

Who is Camila Cabello, and how did she get there?

Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao, a Cuban-born American singer/songwriter is Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao. As a member and finalist in the "The X Factor" 2012 group Fifth Harmony, she rose to fame. Cabello left the group permanently in 2016, after releasing several hits as a solo artist, including "Bad Things", which she co-wrote with Machine Gun Kelly. She continued to appear on tracks by other artists and released successful collaborations up until 2018, when she released "Camila," her debut album. It topped the US Billboard 200. In 2021, she began acting and starred in the movie Cinderella's title role. Cabello has been awarded two Latin Grammy Awards and five American Music Awards. She also received one Billboard Music Award.

MIAMI -- Camila Cabello was in love once. She's a master at identifying crushes.

Formerly of Fifth Harmony's girl group, the pop singer and songwriter has written pages of notes on her phone with thoughts on the sugar rush of embryonic love and its aftermath. These words of hunger, grit, and other emotions, have been turned into Instagram captions by her fans and shout back to her at concerts. According to Nielsen Music, a pair of provocative duets, "I Know What You Did last Summer" with Shawn Mendes, and "Bad Things” with Machine Gun Kelly have been streamed more than 520 million times. They've made her a popular figure for young girls who are on the edge of more emotional terrain, along with her solo hit "Havana", which has topped Billboard's pop chart for five years.

Ms. Cabello (20), whose name is pronounced ca-meela ca­beyo, reminisced about ground zero in her romantic vicissitudes on a December afternoon. A young Romeo met Ms. Cabello in Pinecrest Elementary School's butterfly garden and set up a date. He also gave her her first kiss. This was ten years ago.

Although she is not yet legal to drink, Ms. Cabello has made a lot of progress since her days in school. Ms. Cabello was 15 when she was selected to compete on "The X Factor" in the United States. She was part of a five-woman group that was modeled after One Direction and named Fifth Harmony by the viewers. In five years, Ms. Cabello recorded two albums on Simon Cowell's Syco record in partnership with Epic Records. Six tours followed. During that time, Ms. Cabello was a favorite among the group, even though she wasn't officially the leader. She also had the most powerful voice and the most disarming eyes.

Then it all fell apart. As pop-punk groups are known to do. The split was sudden and shockingly vicious in this instance. Fifth Harmony was performing at Jingle Ball's final stop, and smiling and flipping her hair. Ms. Cabello was left on the other side of a sharp divide after a series contradictory and contentious statements were made.

This was just over one year ago. In the meantime, Ms. Cabello took control of her professional life on her own.

Her new album "Camila", which will be released Jan. 12, will put her to the test as a solo artist. Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson were among the biggest artists to leave groups. They did this from stronger positions in times when the music industry was flourishing. Today, Ms. Cabello represents just one voice in a plethora of voices trying to break through in a post-streaming world.

She had a breakthrough while working with Frank Dukes, a producer born Adam Feeney who is known for being a prolific, but low-key conspirator of self-described stars like Drake, Lorde, and Lorde. Many potential collaborators arrived at the studio with top-of-the-line Top 40 weapons in the fashion of Fifth Harmony hits, armed with stylish and brassy Top 40 ammunition. However, Mr. Feeney was more casual.

He played a simple, but effective instrumental to Ms. Cabello over sushi at an early session last winter. It featured a prominent salsa piano riff. The song reminded her of her hometown, so she composed the chorus for "Havana" right there.

"There is no other artist who could have done this song -- she owns it," Mr. Feeney stated.

Many songs on "Camila", which Mr. Feeney executive produced, include writing by Ms. Cabello. They also contain tonal and lyrical references of her Latin heritage. Ms. Cabello stated that she was inspired by the Latin music of her childhood and more modern reggaeton revisionists such as Calle 13 or J Balvin. In an effort to create her own unique recipe, she combined those sounds with the auteur pop music of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Ms. Cabello stated, "I believe that the best way of coming up with something different and new is to just be you-est possible." Nobody can duplicate that if you draw from all of your different parts.

Mr. Poleman of iHeartMedia said that Ms. Cabello will be defined by her sensibilities as a songwriter. He said that Ms. Cabello has quickly established herself among the top young pop artists with "Havana", and "Bad Things."

He said, "It always comes down if you have a song which resonates." "I know that she spends a lot time thinking about this."

After her Miami break, Ms. Cabello found herself in Midtown Manhattan, where she ordered a kale salad and sang along to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me feel" prechorus. She was the only person who knew the ending "Give It to me" chorus, and she felt betrayed.

Mariah Carey would see her perform in just 48 hours at "Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest". She wore a metallic jumpsuit and ankle-length coat that looked like a glamorous conquistador, while she was bejewelled. She had to plan a tour, music video concepts to create and social media campaigns to develop.

She began to explain why it was more difficult now and how she didn't have anyone to help her.

Jackson was ad-libbed behind her. She said that even though there is a day off there is never really a "day off" because of the many decisions she has to make and the rushing to get things done. She lost her focus as the music continued to distract her. After several unsuccessful attempts, she finally gave up and began singing along.

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