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Taylor Swift 2022 Tour and Beyond


Taylor Swift is the queen pop and holder of eight number-one songs, one of the most successful female artists of the decade. She also won 11 Grammys. Swift's 8th studio album, "Folklore", was released with just 24 hours notice to her fans during the pandemic. Swift also has other surprises. Swift is currently working on new versions of six of her albums. It is still a secret what Swift will release next.

Taylor Swift is constantly releasing new versions her previous albums in an effort to escape Scooter Braun. Braun's Ithaca Holdings LLC bought all Big Machine's music assets. This included Taylor Swift's rights, which meant that he received all royalties for every Swift song. Braun holds the first six albums of Swift, which includes "Fearless," Red," "Speak Now," and "Reputation." Swift offered Braun to purchase back her master recordings. Braun declined. She only owns "Lover", and "Folklore" albums. Swift offered to buy back the master recordings for her first six albums, but Braun refused. Now fans are wondering which album she will re-record next.

Swifties or Taylor Swift fans have an interesting theory: The music video for "Lover," which Swift released in 2012, holds the key to Swift's next re-recording. Swift is seen in "Lover" as she moves around a house decorated with different colors. This video represents her albums. Swift released Fearless (Taylor's Version)," which corresponds the color yellow. Next, she released Red (Taylor's Version)," which corresponds the color red. According to fan theories, "Speak Now" (Taylor's Version)," which corresponds with purple.

Originally, "1989" was the next release with "Wildest Dreams(Taylor's Version"), which premiered in "Spirit Untamed." However, many Swifties still believe in "Speak Now" (Taylor's Version), even though clues point to "1989 [Taylor's Version]).

Evan Mueller, DePaul sophomore and Avid Swiftie, offered his thoughts. Mueller said, "A lot people have been saying "1989", but I think that 'Speak Now" fits better with summer than '1989."

Claire Rooney, a DePaul freshman and self-proclaimed Swiftie herself, also agrees. She said that she believes Speak Now will be next because Taylor posted an Instagram story featuring a song from "Speak Now" a while back. "It makes the most sense when you consider the albums that have yet to be re-recorded."

Swift teased her fans by hinting that "Speak Now", would be released in January. The Empire State Building TikTok account posted on December 29 a video featuring Swift's song "22", taken from the "Red (Taylor’s Version)" album. Although this would have been fine, the Empire State Building's top was purple, which is the main color on the Speak Now album. TikTok creator @mrperfectlyfine13 discovered that "Speak Now's release date had been moved on Apple Music and Spotify, from Oct. 25, 2010, to January 1, 2010. Creator @thethriftyswiftie noticed that the Spotify images for her albums had been changed to confetti dropping. This led everyone to believe that Speak Now, Taylor's Version, was a New Year's gift.

January 1, 2022 passed without any "Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)" and fans were shocked. DePaul junior Holly Dodd was, however, not.

"She is not known for dropping holiday songs or albums, except for her 2019 Christmas song. Dodd stated that people believed it would happen, even though there wasn't enough evidence.

People still believe the album will arrive in 2022, despite other clues. Swift sings "Innocent" off the album "Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and the lyrics "32" and "still growing up now." This is a strange coincidence considering she turns 32 this month. Next, Swift posted a boomerang with @TaylorNation, a official account that has inside information and is managed by Swift's marketing and public relations teams. Swift believes that @flighthouse, TikTok's creator, is trying to fool her fans into thinking "1989", is next. Swift claimed the song's lyric "got an ex-loved" was really "got a lengthy list of Starbucks lovers" and she said: "Wanna find the song that starts with three G chords?" It's "Speak Now." And you want to know her third album? It's "Speak Now." Additionally, "Red (Taylor's Version")" was playing in the video. @flighthouse believes that this is a hint at the start of the "Speak Now” era.

DePaul junior Jessica Forristall said that Taylor Swift has been leaving clues throughout her career. "From a marketing perspective, it also gives her more buzz and attention." She has a lot of creativity and agency with it. Her team may even be planning clues for us right now.

Fans believe that "Speak Now" will be coming soon, but the question remains: When? According to @flighthouse, the album will drop on February 22nd because Swift has been posting videos about "22" throughout December. Swifties believe that Swift did this because 2022 was nearing, but it could also be because Swift had been posting videos about her song "22" for the entire month of December. Swift posted the vault tracks "Fearless" (February 22) on a Wednesday. It just so happens that @TaylorNation also posted a TikTok captioned "Wednesday mood."

Although some of these theories might seem absurd, Taylor Swift is a master planner and knows how fake people out. Fans will always be suspicious about what she posts on social networks.

Rooney stated that Taylor has always been a sneaky music producer, so I was a Swiftie and always read between the lines on her social media.

There are many clues about Swift's next rerelease, but only Swift knows.

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