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Here are the Sexiest Canadian Actresses


Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Ann Cuthbert Phaneuf, born 30 November 1982, is a Canadian actress. Professionally, she is known as Elisha Curthbert. She made her first television appearance as a child actress in Are You Afraid Of the Dark, a Canadian horror-themed children's series. She also co-hosted Popular Mechanics for Kids. In 1997, she made her feature film debut with the Canadian family-drama Dancing on the Moon. She was first seen in the drama Airspeed (No Control), alongside Joe Mantegna, in 1998. She starred in Lucky Girl in 2001. For this, she was awarded the Gemini Awards.

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is a Canadian-born-American actress whose biggest claim to fame is the role of Emily Fields in the series 'Pretty Little Liars'. She began her modeling career. In an episode of 'Degrassi: The Next Generation, she was a small role as a model. After that, she continued to make short films for small-time filmmakers like 'Verona' and Just Yell Fire: Campus Life'. She was then selected to star in the television series "Pretty Little Liars" after she auditioned. It went on to be one of the most popular series of the decade.

Shay was a regular in the series "Aaron Stone" and also appeared in other series' like "Rukee Blue", "Punk'd" and "Glee". She appeared in two films, Dreamland and Mother's Diary, back-to-back in 2016. She is currently awaiting the release her film, 'Cadaver'. She is also waiting for the release of her series 'You' as well as 'The Heiresses'. It is believed she will be the leading role in both.

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline was the third child of a makeup artist mom and an economics teacher father. She was born in Alberta, Alberta, on August 3, 1979. She was the second daughter in a middle-class Christian family.

Amazingly, for a performer, she went on to star as a lead in an Emmy-winning drama. The young beauty was spotted by a Ford Models scout in Kelowna, British Columbia. She took his card, but didn't pay too much attention. She had hoped to be a missionary, but building a career around herself was not part of her plans. The student made the decision to go public after she ran out of money to pay for her University of British Columbia international relations degree.

The petite brunette was only able to act before she made it big. She appeared on Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital in 2003. She laughed and said, "In one scene, I'm sleeping in bed and then I get shot." "It might have been a good idea to be an extra."

Evangeline, who had only a few years of experience, was understandably a bit overwhelmed when she landed her first major break on Lost in March 2004. She later admitted that she was shocked by the idea of having to host a show and being so young.

Evangeline, much like the Lost pilot who survived a plane crash and was left stranded in South Pacific, is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Her time in the Philippines jungle in a grass hut was a great preparation for her full-time role on the charity programme. She said, "No one went near water, which was infested by crocodiles. But I was desperate for showers." "And I don't fear. I would swim with a tribal person, watching for crocs at the shore.

Although stardom has changed her life in a major way, she has remained true to her roots by living and working in Hawaii where the award-winning show is shot.

The slim star keeps active both on-set and off-set. She continues to enjoy her outdoor hobbies like kayaking and climbing. The down-to-earth star is not going to be natural for the cameras just because she embraces nature. She refused to perform a partial nude scene on an episode of the show.

Evangeline and Murray Hone were college sweethearts. She moved to the Pacific Island to take up her new role. But she found a true love in Dominic Monaghan, Lost’s English rocker Charlie. She confesses that she feels at peace and fulfilled with him. "I couldn’t be happier. He is my favorite person in the world.

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin was born in Vancouver in 1982. She was always interested in acting as a child and trained in gymnastics and Karate to become a nationally-competitive level. These skills were invaluable for her later role as Lana.

However, she wasn't always destined for a career on the screen. Kristin was actually in her senior year of high school, and had planned to study forensic science at Simon Fraser University. She was offered the opportunity to audition for Edgemont, a CBC teen drama.

Although it was risky to change paths like this, it was an investment that paid off. Kristin Edgemont was a well-known figure among teenager fans. She allowed her to play Snow White in the movie The Fairest Of Them All, which retold the fairytale.

Soon after, her agent decided to send her audition tape to Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, who were currently in the planning stages for a new Superman story.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Denise Anderson, a Canadian actress and model, is well-known for her roles in the television series Home Improvement and Baywatch. Anderson was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2006. Anderson is an activist for animal rights. He has led campaigns against the commercial fur industry as well as promoting veganism through the animal right organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev, a Canadian actress of Bulgarian descent, is Nina Dobrev. Mia Jones (Degrassi: The Next Generation 2001) and Elena Gilbert (Vampire Diaries 2009) are her most well-known TV roles. Her film credits include The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) and Let's Be Cops (2014). She also appeared in The Final Girls (2015), xXx Return of Xander Cage (2017) and Dog Days (2018).

She was a natural talent and a great dancer from a young age. She started modeling jobs, which lead to commercials. These roles led to film auditions.

Nina is a lover of travel and has visited Europe many times for pleasure as well as to compete internationally in Aesthetic Gymnastics. She loves to play volleyball, soccer, rock climbing, wakeboarding and snowboarding.

Acting is her passion and she views it as an adventure. She believes that the journey and characters she creates along the way will help her understand herself.

Rachel Mcadams

Rachel McAdams in her full Rachel Anne McAdams form, a Canadian actress well-known for her versatility.

McAdams was born in Ontario and acted in plays in high schools. McAdams originally planned to major in cultural studies, but she was convinced to go into theatre. McAdams entered the York University drama program, Toronto, where she earned a B.F.A. (2001) While working professionally as an actor with the Necessary Angel Theatre Company. She made her debut on-screen as a small role in 2001's Disney Channel television series The Famous Jett Jackson. Her first feature film, My Name Is Tanino (a comedy about summer romance), was made the following year.

McAdams moved to Los Angeles and was soon cast in The Hot Chick (2002, which featured her as a high school girl who swaps bodies with a male career criminal played by Rob Schneider). Next, McAdams was the villainous popular girl Regina George in Mean Girls (2004). This comedy by Tina Fey was both a critical and commercial success. McAdams was a versatile actress who starred in 2004 as Allie (a wealthy upper-class woman who must decide between James Marsden, her wealthy fiancé, and Ryan Gosling, in an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s bestseller The Notebook.

McAdams was a love interest in Wedding Crashers (2006), but she was open to movies of all kinds, including the thriller Red Eye 2005 and the crime drama State of Play 2009. She starred opposite Eric Bana in The Time Traveler's Wife in 2009, a love story that was inspired by Audrey Niffenegger's book of the same title. She was also seen in Sherlock Holmes (2009), and its sequel (2011), as Irene Adler. This loosely interpreted version is one of Holmes's few love interests in the detective series of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on which the films were based.

McAdams appeared in many romantic films in the 2010s. After playing the role of a plucky TV producer in Morning Glory (2010), McAdams appeared in Woody Allen’s lighthearted Midnight in Paris (2011). In the drama The Vow (2012), she played a newlywed with amnesia. Terrence Malick's dramatic drama To the Wonder (2012) featured her. She also starred in About Time (2013), a romantic, introspective drama that explored the effects of time travel. McAdams was a human rights lawyer in A Most Wanted Man, an espionage thriller. McAdams was cast in the second season on True Detective, an HBO crime series that featured a tough-living police officer.

McAdams played the role of the wife to a boxer (Jake Gyllenhaal), in Southpaw. She also worked as an investigative journalist for Spotlight (both 2015), which was about the The Boston Globe's expose on child molestation by the Roman Catholic archdiocese. McAdams was nominated for her first Academy Award. Next, she starred in Doctor Strange (2016). This sci-fi adventure was about the Marvel Comics superhero. McAdams played the role of a woman who's marriage to an Orthodox Rabbi is threatened by the return of her ex-love Rachel Weisz. Later, she appeared in Game Night (2018) and Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga (2020).

Malin Akerman

Malin was raised in Toronto, Canada after her birth in Stockholm, Sweden. Pia (Sundstrom) is her mother and an aerobics instructor. Magnus Akerman is her father and he is an insurance broker. She was 2 years old when her parents moved to Toronto. She began her career in television commercials at the age of 5. When she was six, her parents divorced and her father returned from Sweden.

She was 17 when she won Ford Supermodel Canada. She was able to work in Europe for three years as a catwalkmodel after this win. After deciding to become a child psychologist, she enrolled at York University. However, she was offered a role as a guest in Earth: Final Conflict (1997) and she decided to return to acting. In 2001, she moved to Los Angeles and was offered roles on TV and in film. She was the Silk Spectre II of Watchmen (2009), her breakthrough role.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, an Indo-Canadian pornographic actress and actress, is a businesswoman, model, and actress of dual Canadian/American citizenship. In 2003, she was Penthouse Pets of the Year and was contracted star for Vivid Entertainment. Maxim named her one of the top 12 porn stars in 2010. She has also appeared in independent mainstream films.

Leone was the daughter of Sikh Punjabi Indian parents. She was born in Sarnia (Ontario). Her father was born and raised in Tibet, while her mother, who died in 2008, was from Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. She was a very athletic young girl who played street hockey with her brothers, and enjoyed ice skating on nearby frozen lakes and hot chocolate by the fire after playing in snow all day.

Although she was raised Sikh, her parents sent her to a Catholic school because it was safer for her to attend public school. At 11, she had her first love, lost her virginity to a 16-year-old basketball player at another school, and found out that she was bisexual at age 18. Her family moved from Michigan to Fort Gratiot when she was 13 years old. Then, they moved to Lake Forest, California one year later. This fulfilled her grandparents' wish that all her relatives would be in the same place. In 1999, she graduated high school and enrolled in college.

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