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Do Women Like Men with Beards?

Many well-known, popular men have beards, including rock stars and movie stars. Beards have been linked to everything, from religion to income, culture to climate, and even the environment, over the years. Despite their widespread popularity and potential utility, many people draw conclusions about the man behind the facial hair without knowing much. Anyone who wants to debate whether these snap judgments are fair or unfair should examine whether such stereotypes are positive.

Beards are in

To grow or not to grow? This is the choice many men must make. Part of the analysis includes who you are, where your work is, how you feel about your wife, and many other practical considerations. For most men, the beauty of beards is that if they don’t work out they can easily go away tomorrow. One shave is all it takes to change the appearance of a bearded man. Many choose to not have a beard and instead take advantage of the fact that beards are in.

Tessa R. Clarkson and colleagues in 2020 revealed that women find facial haired men attractive and dominant.

The University of Queensland conducted the study using 919 American women aged 18 to 70 who rated photos of men with different stages of facial hair. The study involved 30 images of men with full or partial beards. The women rated the men on the photos based on their perceived attractiveness in a relationship.

The results showed that men who have more facial hair were more attractive than those with less. For long-term relationships, men with more masculine features were rated more attractive than those without.

Bold and Bearded

Researchers suggested that masculine faces could indicate a man who has more social power and is physically stronger. Facial hair masks less attractive facial features and enhances masculine traits.

The authors recognized the positive associations between facial masculinity, physical strength, fighting abilities, and social assertiveness when it comes to masculinity perceptions. The perceptions of dominance and age can also be improved by experimentally increasing facial masculinity. Researchers note that facial masculinity can influence women's mating preferences, providing insight into a man’s strength and health.

Is it possible that growing a beard could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Clarkson et al. Clarkson et al. These men also had stereotypically masculine views in heterosexual relationships, compared to men who were clean-shaven.

Women who dislike beards

However, not all women in the study liked having hair. Study revealed that women who were not fond of men with beards feared parasites in their hair and skin. These women may have thought that beards were a sign they are clean and tidy. Women with high levels of pathogen disgust were more inclined to choose bearded men. This could indicate that they thought beards signaled good health.

Is #Beards Traditional or Trending?

A psychological component was also included in the study, which looked at morality attributions. Researchers found that women with "moral disgust" were more inclined to choose beards. The authors stated that women's preference for beardiness increased with self-reported moral disgust. This could also reflect associations between beardedness, political conservatism, and traditional views about masculinity in heterosexual relationships.

However, the authors didn't find that women with greater reproductive ambition preferred to have beards when looking at long-term relationships. Even though they considered women's current relationships, beards were more appealing to married and single women who want children than those who do not.

The preference for a clean shaven body was positively associated with reproductive ambition in single women, while married women had a lower association.

Appearance matters

Relationships develop based on many factors and personalities. It is fascinating to see how women respond to men with a beard. Facial hair for men is a choice that can be either trendy or traditional.

Dating men with beards

A confident, mature man is the ideal man for a woman. He is intelligent and has great looks. A beard will make a woman swoon. Why? You might ask. It is because bearded men are hot and cool.

A beard is a fashion trend. They not only look more attractive, but it also protects their skin by keeping it moisturized and clear of any acne.

Why are Men with Beards Considered Hot

A well-groomed beard is a rare trait in a man who is hot. A beard makes men more masculine, making them even more attractive. A study concluded that men with beards are healthier and more capable of parenting. However, the study also found that women who don't have a beard and sport minimal stubble are less attractive to men.

Because they feel secure, women choose men with facial hair. You've probably thought, "I love my boyfriend’s beard." Men with beards are more masculine and most women love them. You will find it even more attractive to see a man with glasses and a beard.

They look like they just stepped out of a movie. We get it! There's more to beards that looks. Women think that bearded men are more open to commitment than their looks. This dedication can reflect in their relationships.

Another study found that men with beards are more generous, generous, productive, confident, and masculine. This makes them attractive to women. A bearded man will make you feel more attractive than a clean-shaven one. It's even more hot.

Bearded men often exhibit certain qualities:

Bearded men are attractive for women, in short because they subconsciously or consciously associate the following qualities with them:

- Patience
- Virility
- Family orientation is a strong one
- High levels of commitment
- Caring for nature
- Relaxed and calm personality

Real Problems for Women Who Love a Guy with a Beard

Although it may seem all is well when you first start dating a man with a beard and are happy, you might have trouble dealing with the additional challenges your partner brings to the relationship. Let's face facts, girls, dating a bearded man can bring with it a lot of responsibilities you may not be prepared to handle. Women who date hot men with beards may face some difficult challenges. These are 12 common problems women face when dating a man with a beard.

1. Too many beard rashes

You should always have body and facial cream on hand for any make-outs with your boyfriend with a bearded man. Kissing someone with a beard can cause severe rashes to your skin. You need to take the time to adjust to the beard's rough edges.

2. It is important to have an opinion on his beard.

As his partner, the bearded man will expect you share your opinions about his beard. You must voice your opinion, even if you don't care about his beard or the way it looks now. When we say opinion, we mean to compliment him for his beard.

3. He will be obsessed with his beard

He will be standing in front the mirror admiring his beard. He will be so obsessed with his beard that he will compare it to any other person and ask for your assurance that his beard looks the best. He will also be talking about his beard a lot, and how to care for it better.

4. He is grateful for the attention of other women and cherishes it.

It is an indication that your boyfriend is attractive if other women notice him. You might become an overly protective girlfriend if your boyfriend loves the attention from other women. You are allowed to feel insecure, but bear in mind that your bearded boyfriend is yours.

5. His beard acts like velcro

It means that food, tissue paper, and other items stick to his beard. This can lead to a very disgusting appearance for you. It may initially seem funny, but it will become irritating over time.

6. His parents and your father both suggest that he shave his beard.

They will keep pressing you to get rid of the beard. You know this is not a territory to be walked on, as a man with a beard loves it more that anyone. He will not let go of his masculinity and pride.

7. Sinks can get clogged easily

Maintaining a beard is a time-consuming task. The beard your man cuts to keep it neat and tidy can cause the sink to get clogged up quite often. If you don't have a responsible man who takes care of the hair, it is best to clean the sink by yourself. While you may think, "I love my boyfriend’s beard", on most days you might not.

8. Random people will stroke his beard

You want to be the only one allowed to touch your man's hair. Guess what? You might even find other people touching his beard. It can be frustrating, especially if it happens on a romantic date. It's tempting to say, "I love my boyfriend but it keeps getting in our way of our cozy moments." But you can't blame yourself for thinking these thoughts. There are always people waiting in the shadows to grab a feeling!

9. He is often confused with your older brother or father.

Bearded men often look older than they are. It is common for people not to know if their bearded boyfriend is their brother, father or man. You will find this annoying as he would be much younger than you. It might be even more difficult to tell if a man with glasses and a beard walks alongside you.
10. He does more with his beard than you do with your hair.

He will try at least 5 different styles in one week, which is not surprising since he loves to experiment with his beard. You will find him more excited about trying new styles with his beard than changing your hairstyle. You know what? You'll need to put in your time and participate in his experiments.

11. Your hair products might be used by your boyfriend

You might find your bearded man using your hair products instead of purchasing his own products to maintain his beard. You will be irritated. If you are in love with him, this is probably not a bad thing to do. Remember those "I love my boyfriend’s beard" moments. Everybody has to pay a price.

12. A wet beard can make you look terrible

Although your boyfriend may look great in an after-the-shower appearance, you will be disgusted when you touch the wet hair. It is soggy, smelly, and saggy. A wet beard does not make you look hot.

These challenges aside, women can still be romantically attracted to bearded men despite their charm and attractiveness. You wouldn't want your boyfriend to shave the beard that attracted you to you in the first place. We are not attracted to hot men with beards! Remember to compliment!

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