Babes Dec 12, 2021

Christmas Laughs You Didn't Know You Needed

Christmas is more than wine and mistletoe. It's also the perfect time to make funny jokes and have a lot of fun. You might be wondering why this is. Let's begin with the fact you will likely meet some strange relatives you only see once a calendar year. The other obvious reason is that people tend not to worry as much and let their worries go. This is where some of the most memorable memes are born.

The Christmas season has begun. There are holiday songs on the radio, decorated trees have been put up, and shoppers have started to flood the malls and shops. This time of year can be either extremely joyful or stressful depending on your personal preferences. Take a break from trimming the tree to check out these funny memes.

These Christmas memes, collected by Shamney, will get you in the holiday spirit. These funny jokes will remind you that the holidays are not without bumps. Enjoy your hot cocoa, scroll down, and don't forget to vote for your favorites!





















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