Babes Oct 22, 2021

What's the most f*cked up thing you've overheard?


"We can't take mom off of life support! We need her social security check to pay the truck payment." Overheard in a hospital ICU waiting room
- Upper-Job5130

"Grandpa has just 2 more days guys. Are you guys excited for the pay out when he dies? What are you gonna get first?" It was when I visited the retirement home and the room right next to my grandpas there was rich old man
- Bigthighedracer

I have one!! I was sitting in a cafe one day with a friend and the table next to us (3 middle aged ladies) were talking about a party they had been too when I and my friend over hear "then she picked up the cake, rubbed it over her pussy, and said come and get it boys" my friend and I made eye contact, I was trying so hard not to laugh and she just looked down right disturbed.
- fat_echidna

"Chitlin's ain't good unless they got a little bit a shit in "em". I was 16 and had no idea what chittlins were, but I promised myself I would never eat them. So far, success.
- urkillingme

In a homeless shelter. between sobs "You do this EVERY time I get pregnant!"
- Hobble1232

It's not as bad as the other comments on here, but when I was younger (around 12 or so) I overheard my family casually talking about how i'm never going to get married and how nobody will ever want to date or marry me. The fact that it was a casual conversation that they thought I was not there for is what really made it horrible.
- Hobble1232

A man at my university said he really hoped I didn't have a miscarriage, because he was counting on me not coming back after having the baby so my tenured spot would open up.
- Hour_Machine_9630

Man and wife have older relatives(grandpa and grandma) grandpa dies and they move grandma into their house and proceeded to make their own will to which she leaves everything to them instead of dividing it between the family she had it originally planned. Granny was losing her faculties and was pretty happy to go along with it since she had family to live with in her golden years. Also they hid this new will that they can bring out when she finally dies.
- bigpapahugetim3

I found out my 15 old brother stuck his dick in my nutella
- North_Ad6954

I was sharing a taxi with a total stranger then I heard the driver talking on the phone softly telling the person that he has the passports and the hashish and that he has two young women in the back seat. The other passenger and I yelled at him and caused a scene in order to scare him and get out of the car. It was a nightmare.
- Head_Anything1177

Is the blue part on a map the sky or the water?
- thestonez

At a restaurant next table "her breath always stinks after she gives me blowjob!"
- rosevillestucco

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